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Classic Car Hire Rates

At A Golden Roller we offer  affordable classic car hire rates and some special service benefits with a sense of fun. Our goal is to give you an unrivaled experience that you will remember forever. This unique chance to drive these classic vehicles comes with these unique benefits.
  1. You have the car for a full day, giving you plenty of time to fit everything you need. For example you can have the car from the morning, all the way up until the reception, or formal event at night.
  2. The self-drive service ensures that whoever driving the car is going to have a blast! The comments we've received from past drivers of these vehicles have all had one thing in common. They all told us how much fun they had driving our unique cars.
  3. The incredible photo opportunities you will have throughout the entire day means you can capture every moment and make the occasion even more memorable.
  4. Watching passers-by turn their heads in intrigue, offers an exhilarating feeling of being with an elite few.
Rates-01It’s not just the drivers who have all the fun! Brides, Grooms, Formal Students, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, anyone who gets to commute as a passenger in our London Cabs, Mercedes Finnie or Rolls-Royces, all have a truly memorable experience for their special occasions. So, no matter what you are celebrating you will enjoy the same high level of service with every vehicle hired. Hire A Golden Roller, for 'when only the best will do!

We have a wide range of Self Drive Classic Cars.

Black-London-Taxi-rates Gold Rolls Royce-rates White london-cab-rates Mercedes-rates
Black London Cab Gold Rolls Royce Ivory London cab Mercedes Fintail

Self Drive Vehicles for Hire

3 x Black London Taxis Ivory London Taxi Gold Rolls Royce White Rolls Royce Black Mercedes Benz 220S Finnie Prices based on Brisbane metropolitan services, per vehicle (surcharges apply to greater Brisbane Metro).

Day Hire

Mercedes Fintail $490
Gold Rolls Royce $630
White Rolls Royce $630
London Taxi $580
Our Self Drive package covers the vehicles being collected at our shed prior to 10am on the morning of the event with full use of the vehicle throughout the day. We can also collect the vehicles from your final destination so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your night. One full tank of fuel, cleaning, ribbon and tulle is all included within the package.

Chauffeur Driven Packages

Chauffeur driven 1929 Vintage Chrysler ChryslerquaywestOur standard pricing for this immaculately restored vehicle, compete with chauffeur, is
3 hours $680
3.5 hours $760
4 hours $830
Our minimum booking is 3 hours for this vehicle and prices may vary, so sending through an enquiry is encouraged. Chauffeur driven 1989 Bentley Turbo R Bentley-ratesOur  standard pricing for the high-performance model produced by Bentley Motors Limited is
3 hours $700
3.5 hours $780
4 hours $850
With its luxury appointments, fine tuned suspension and powerful V8, the  Bentley seats 3 in the back and 1 in front with the driver. Chauffeur driven Black 1964 Rolls-Royce
Chauffeured Black Rolls-Royce

Black Rolls-Royce

This is one of the most elegant cars ever produced by Rolls-Royce. Our standard pricing for the Black Rolls-Royce is
3 hours $880
3.5 hours $990
4 hours $1100
    We will do anything and go anywhere to ensure our guests are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.
To make a booking or request a quotation, simply fill in the booking enquiry form on this page or call us on 1300 789 874.